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Especially when introducing a new warehouse management system, training new employees or installing new technologies or software systems, qualifying the warehouse staff for the new requirements and tasks is essential.

In the, E+P offers an innovative certification program with current training contents. In the successive courses, the trainers transfer knowledge LFS experts need to manage complex logistics and IT processes every day.

The logistics training center of the IAW allows testing state-of-the-art equipment in live operation: from radio frequency installations with fork lift and picking terminals via mobile printers and radio frequency scanners up to mobile workstations with bar code printers and automated storage units like shuttles and automatic warehouses. The latest technologies like Pick-by-Voice, Pick-by-Light or RFID are, of course, also available.

In our innovative logistics training center, experienced trainers and logistics experts convey highly specialized training contents in an exciting and realistic way. 

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Thanks to our cooperation with the leading industry experts of Ehrhardt + Partner, you can experience knowledge from more than 300 successful international projects at the

The intention of the is to transfer specific LFS knowledge in detailed and comprehensive courses to cover the high demand for LFS consultants in the labor market.

Take advantage of the specialized training sessions, seminars and workshops at the